Our Service Catalogue

We are a niche Quality Engineering service provider and we specialise in the implementation of Quality Engineering platforms on Custom Built, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Microservices solutions.

End-to-end Managed Solutions

  • Quality Engineering Management.
  • Functional Testing.
  • Non-Functional Testing.

Quality Engineering Platform

  • Test Automation Platform implementation for Commercial off the Shelf, Micro Services or Custom Build applications.
  • Standardisation across divisions.
  • Adoption of Continuous Integration and Delivery.

Quality Engineering Services

  • Test Automation Platform implementation.
  • Standardisation of Quality Engineering across IT divisions.
  • Adoption of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery strategies.

Team Augmentation

  • Quality Engineering Managers and Leads.
  • Quality Engineering Analysts.
  • Software Development Engineers in Test.
  • Performance Test Engineers.
  • Quality Engineering Architects.


  • Implementation of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution.
  • Test Data Management.
  • Creation and processing of Test Data.

Non-Functional Testing

  • Performance Testing.
  • Infrastructure Testing.
  • Failover Testing.
  • High Availability Testing.

Types of Testing


Our focus is on building a matrix of the system under test with a business process thinking in mind of your problem statement, and provide the most effective solution.


Our approach includes the automation of testing at each layer of the system based on business rules and business processes, validations, mappings and transformations. We implement a Test Automation platform on any system type whether Custom Built, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Service Orientated Architecture / Microservices solutions.


We conduct integration testing at each layer, instead of at a system level, giving teams the ability to execute all different testing types in isolation.

This results in improved test coverage, quicker turnaround on the defect management process and the ability to achieve sign-off at each layer.


Our automated test scripts are designed in such a way that it can be re-used during performance test design and scripting. These tests focus on business processes to ensure that when tests are designed and executed, there is aligned monitoring across all key components.


Our proven automated testing can significantly reduce the risk of user incompatibility incidents. It is designed and built to cover all operating systems, browser versions and configuration options for mobile and desktop applications.

Data Warehouse

Our approach is split into seven unique focus points but functions as a total solution rather than a workflow.

Continuous Integration
& Delivery

We assist our clients in implementing Test Automation as part of their Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery strategy. By doing so, we save time by simplifying the built and deploy process, contributing to the overall improvement of quality code. These automated tests include both unit level and functional tests.