Our Service Offering

We are a niche testing service provider and we specialise in the implementation of Test Automation on both commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom built applications. We hand-pick our people to enhance our clients’ experience and provide them with the most optimum solutions for their testing requirements.

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Integration Testing

We conduct testing at each layer of the implemented solution.


Continuous Integration

We create a suite of automated tests that test the build before it is implemented.


Functional Testing

We focus on an end-on-end assessment of your problem statement, and provide the most effective solution.


Performance Testing

Scripts are re-used during performance test design and scripting. This saves up to 40% of the time used for scripting.


Automated Testing

Our Automated Testing methodology has five components, each enhancing our success rate


Data Warehouse Testing

Our approach is split into seven unique focus points but functions as a total solution rather than a workflow.


Configuration Testing

We test a sizable number of operating systems and browser permutations to ensure that we give our clients the best solutions.


Quality Recruitment

Our team of account managers specialise in placements that meet all our clients’ criteria and requirements.

Command Quality (Pty) Ltd has fast evolved into a niche testing services provider.

Why Us?

Financial, Insurance and Medical companies have outsourced the management of their Quality Assurance Divisions to Command Quality.

We are leaders in our industry.

We have the expertise to look after many complex systems.

We provide the most cost-effective testing and implementation solutions.

Our technical team is the first in South Africa to master the use of the latest Agile and SOA software testing tools.

We enhance our clients’ experience by extracting maximum value from their new and existing IT investments.

Our Clients

We have gained market-leading experience in the testing of various systems in the banking, insurance (life and short-term), health, retail and telecommunication industries

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