About Command Quality

Command Quality Engineers are on a quest to assist their clients in delivering high-quality systems.

Our Quality Engineers are the best in their field and adopt proven methodologies and frameworks as bases for delivery.

We tailor our solutions to support our clients’ Information Technology strategies.

We deploy specialists with experience in a diverse range of products, technologies, and domains.

Over a decade of Quality Engineering excellence

With a talented team of Quality Engineers, Command Quality’s unique value proposition is the delivery and implementation of Quality Engineering platforms. These platforms incorporates test management, automated functional and non-functional tests, with the capability to integrate with various Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery technologies. This, in turn, enables us to adopt our clients’ technology strategies, whether evolving, migrating or modernisation of any system, Custom Built, Software-as-a-Service or Microservices solutions.

Part of our success is manifested through our Business Process focused testing and techniques.

Our tailored delivery of effective and efficient strategies to source, manage, maintain and re-use test data plays an important part in our delivery successes.

Our team has the capability to implement Quality Engineering solutions both On Premise and Cloud.

With Command Quality’s proven track record our strategy and focus are to:

  • Reduce time to market for any product
  • Increase IT teams’ cadence
  • Deliver measurable quality code

Command Quality has addressed the IT skills shortage in South Africa through evolving our Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) programme year-on-year by staying abreast of the latest technologies and methodologies used worldwide. The programme is executed following an Agile approach. Elements of Systems Analysis and Business Process thinking are included to enable the Quality Engineer to adapt to any system type. The programme is tailored to the client’s requirements and technology landscape.

The programme is tailored to the clients’ requirements and technology landscape.