Solution 1

Placement fee is calculated in the existing annual cost to company. The benefit of this is the client will know the cost of the placement upfront allowing them to make the best possible offer to the candidate. In this way we are taking both parties interest into account.

We feel strongly about not locking the client into any financial guarantee by requiring payment as soon as the candidate starts. We are so confident about the quality and ability of our candidates we require payment in full after 60 days of service.

Placement fee 15%


Solution 2

Placement fee is calculated at 15% of the new cost to company and is payable on 60 days of service. We will pay R 10 000.00 to a legitimate charity of the clients choice and R 5 000.00 to the candidate once they completed 91 days of service.

Command Quality feel strongly about giving back to the community we live and work in.


Solution 3

Placement fee is calculated 17% of the new proposed cost to company and is payable on 91 days of service. Command Quality is so confident in a candidates we provide we would like the client sufficient time to asses key factors of their new hire such as culture fit, key skills fit etc.


Solution 4

This solution is only available to clients that have already made use of Solution 1 or 3 in the last 3 months.

Bye one get on free is calculated at 20% of the new proposed cost to company and payable on 30days of service. This solution is provides the client with a placement fee of 10% if the product is used correctly. Both client offers to candidates need to be made within 30days from one another. Payment will be required 30days after fist placement.



Diamonds are made under huge amounts of pressure. Each candidate is required to send the following documentation before the interview is conducted:

1) ID Copy 2) Proof of address 3) Latest Degree Qualification 4)Last 3 payslips 5) Updated resume or CV 6) Completed skills matrix. After a face to face technical interview is conducted ( 60 Min) we conduct the following background check with MIE 1) ID Verification 2) Criminal check 3) Fraud Check 4) ITC / TransUnion Check 5) employment reference check 6)Educational check.

As much as we would like to find suitable employment for everyone, Command Quality is dedicated to finding suitable employment of holders of a South African ID only.